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Personal Lifestyle Coaching

I'm now offering personal coaching to help you identify goals, develop customized, sustainable workout and nutrition plans and stay on track. Unlike most coaches who prescribe general plans, I'm interested in WHY you have certain habits and HOW we can change them, beyond giving traditional advice. 

I was a varsity tennis player and college athlete, but I had no strength, was unhappy with my body, and consistently failed to find solutions. I tried every diet plan and working with several coaches, but only received general advice. "Eat more protein instead!" It's easy enough to know the solution, but sometimes feels impossible to implement it in the face temptation. I spent years learning how to dissect and understand my thoughts--- Now I want to help you understand your true needs to get to where you want while enjoying life.

1     Identify YOU 

In our initial meeting,  I'll understand what makes you who you are from personal goals to nutrition and exercise goals. I'll learn where you want to be and help uncover a plan to get there.

2    Develop a Unique Solution

I'll work with you side by side through frequent check-ins to make sure you get on the right track and stay on the right track. I'm successful once you're confident enough on your own not to need me. 

3    Get Started Today!

To get started, contact me by email at, by phone at 224-221-7925 or over instagram @chelleyeahh.


Apply for coaching below! I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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