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#39: Everything you need to know about fitness: Episode 1: Get Started

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Hi! I couldn’t be more excited that you’re here for my series “Everything you need to know about Fitness.” I have SO much information to share—My Instagram videos will be the short version and I’ll post the full version of each episode here on my blog. Let’s get into it.

You’re here because you want to make a change to your health—whether it’s to get stronger, be in better shape, eat healthier or all of the above. I need two things from you to get started. If you do these two things today, I’d consider it a successful day.

Step 1: What is your “Why?” What is your goal?

Get a pen and paper. Take 5-10 minutes to physically write down your goal and why it is your goal. What brought you here? Why is this important? How will you feel once you achieve this goal? At the end of your time, give yourself a clear 1-3 sentence statement about your why and your goal. Read this to yourself every single day so that you don’t even have a chance to forget why you’re doing this. I know this sounds silly, but it works. I write every single day in my personal journal about these things. Here are a few basic examples, but I encourage you to read this blog post where I go through the process myself and get very personal.

Goal examples: To lift a certain amount of weight, run 5 miles, lose 15lbs, feel good about yourself every day, etc.

Why statement examples: I want to feel strong and prove to myself that I’m strong. I want to be in good shape to enjoy outdoor activities. I want to feel happy when I look in the mirror.

You probably feel a huge burst of motivation now as you’re doing this. You feel as though you could complete steps 1-10 right now. It’s a great feeling and enough to get you started. But to achieve real results, you need to be consistent long after this burst of motivation is gone. Ride this high while it lasts, but I know all too well that it won’t last. That’s why you need to remember your goals and make a realistic commitment.

Step 2: Make a realistic commitment to yourself.

In order for you to stick to your goal, you must make a realistic commitment to yourself. If you haven’t worked out in over a year, it’s not realistic to workout 5 days a week. Pick something that you can genuinely commit to. It’s okay to be conservative for now. There is always room to make a bigger commitment once you prove that you can do this one. I know you want results now, but if you overcommit you’ll be overwhelmed and likely give up.

For example, if you’re interested in lifting and have never tried it before, I recommend starting with 2-3 days per week. Make a commitment to yourself that “I will go to the gym to lift twice per week for the next month.”

Remember This

You’re you, so you’re already great. Look at what you’ve already accomplished in life. What else can you prove to yourself that you can do? Do this for yourself because you want the best for yourself and want to see what you’re capable of. Not because you don’t like yourself. It takes time to convince yourself that you’re doing this to see what you’re capable of, but it’s much more sustainable because it lasts after the initial burst of motivation.

I make it a goal to achieve my goal. This means that even if I forget why I’m doing something, I remind myself I committed to getting this done. I’m someone that follows through on my word, so now I have to achieve the goal for no other reason than I said that I would.

You’re not Alone

I’m not turning you lose here. Please drop me a DM or respond to a story and share your sentence of your goal and your commitment, or as much as you’re comfortable with. My messages are always open—whether it’s for a fitness question that you feel is silly or to help set a goal for yourself, or anything in between. I’m doing this to share my passion for fitness and wellness, so you will make my day by reaching out.

Finally, I strongly encourage you to download the 1stPhorm app. You’ll have access to workouts, meal tracking (with recommended macros, which we will talk about) and most importantly, me. I’m offering free advising—By using my link, I’ll be able to see exactly what you’re doing and offer concrete recommendations, or help keep you motivated. Whether it’s Day 1 or not for you, I’m excited!!

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