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#13: Finding Time for the Gym as a Full-Time Adult

Monday will be my first day of work, which means I can no longer waltz into the gym for an hour and a half lift. I’m grateful for all the freedom I’ve had this past year to build my own schedule and workout whenever I feel like it, but I know it’s about to change, at least for a little while. To say I’m nervous about finding time and energy to keep up intense lifting on top of an intense work schedule would be an understatement.

I’m new to Seattle, which means that I want to try to meet new people and make friends. If coworkers happen to invite me out for drinks, I need to be able to say yes, so I’ll need to workout in the morning. I was doing okay going to the gym before long days of classes in Boston, but class started at 10am and I never needed to look presentable. I’ll need to be ready in the office a few minutes before 8:20am for my first day of work. If I can keep my workout to just an hour, I think I can manage. But what about on leg day or deadlift? I’m afraid that cutting a workout short will mean less progress. What if I’m having a good time with friends and want to stay out later? I might be too exhausted to have a good workout or workday as a result if I try to do too much…

Honestly, the only reason I want to work from home is so that I can find time to sneak in a workout during the day. I know it’s such a silly reason, but I can’t help it. Even if I walk to the gym, take a meeting, workout and then take another meeting, I’ll be able to get work and my workout done without losing too much sleep. I recognize that part of my panic right now is due to the unknown. I keep reminding myself that I make time for every single workout when I had 3-4 hours of class and an additional 6-8 hours of homework last semester that had to be done perfectly. I feel better now that I wrote this down on paper--- I knew I would. My priorities are fitness and work, just as they used to be fitness and school.

I’m going to write myself a new workout plan. For now, I’ll stick with 6 days of lifting. I’m going to focus on doing a better job with less sets but pushing myself further with the weight. My new gym also has squash courts. I’m excited to try out squash and potentially play squash one day a week and lift the other 5. I’m also planning to structure my off day to be on the busiest day at work. I’m not sure what kind of time I’ll have to update the blog, but so far, it’s done wonders helping me work out my thoughts and I hope to continue to do so.

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