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#22: Dear Future Employer

Updated: Apr 17

Several people made a comment that I should be worried about the personal information I’m posting internet for anyone to read. They’re right that this is extremely personal information out there for anyone. That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to have any of these conversations with a stranger or an acquaintance. I’m an open person. If someone asks me a personal question, I’m willing to answer as long as the question comes from a place of respect and sincerity. I’m willing about any of these topics in person, but I’m not trying to talk someone’s ear off so my response would be shortened.

For all I know, you’re my future employer. Welcome to my blog 😊. You’re learning about my successes, failures and growth process in real time. You’ll see that I’m resilient, persistent, and motivated as hell. You’ll understand that I need to lift like you need coffee, and that it increases my productivity and mood at work tenfold. You’re gaining important context for why I am this way, and that I truly mean it. If I tried to explain the shortened version in person, you might think it’s ridiculous. Through all of the ups and downs, this is me. I’m proud of who I am and nothing is purposefully hidden. As a bonus, this is an extended example of my writing skills.

As for the pictures included in these posts, I wouldn’t willingly show them to an employer—but you already saw them on Instagram, and my parents and grandparents read this blog too. Isn’t the saying that you shouldn’t post if you don’t want your Dad to see it? He follows me on Instagram too.

I realize that my mental health is on display here as much as any of my opinions. There was a comment that my posts (especially earlier ones) are sometimes “scary.” To clarify: I haven’t been “scared” for myself for a very long time. My mental health and physical health are more closely related than the average person, but it means that I know exactly how to take care of myself through exercise.

I chose to express my challenges in a public setting, so it might appear that I have more challenges than the next candidate, but this is not the case. I’ve said it before but my struggles are not unique, I’m just taking time to write them down. Each person’s mind has its own universe, and as humans we’re so concerned with our own universe we struggle to consider or comprehend anyone else’s. If one person can relate to me and feel less alone, even for a second, then I’m happy that I’ve done something good for someone other than myself.

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