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#38: My announcement: Here to help you and push myself!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m officially doing the social media thing. I was hesitant for a few weeks because I was worried what people would think of me, or that I would lose followers and friends. I hear what people from my high school say when they see someone on social media. I’ve spent my life so far doing everything in my power to avoid having people dislike me and talk badly about me behind my back. I don’t even everyone to like me—I just needed them not to hate me.

In all honesty, I’ve been pretty successful in my endeavors in life so far. Of course, I have lots of room for personal growth and improvement, but so does everyone. I read somewhere that if you succeed at everything you do, then you aren’t pushing yourself hard enough. When the opportunity to work on my social media presented itself, I decided to take the challenge. This is more outside of my comfort zone than I’ve ever been. I see a few shares on posts or stories and my first thought is to wonder who is making fun of me. But then I remind myself, who cares? It’s time for me to stop caring what every person thinks and focus on the opportunity in front of me.

I share my entire life (outside of dating, sorry) on this blog, and I’m incredibly proud of it. You can see how I’ve grown over the last year. Even though this information exists on the internet for anyone, it’s confined to this website, so I know that the people reading are people that took time out of their day to search out this content, rather than having it in their face like other social media. I started this blog so that I would have a place to put my rants about fitness so that my friends and family wouldn’t have to listen to me all the time, but I have more to share with the world than just my rants. I spent years teaching myself how to work out, how to eat, and how to manage the complicated thoughts that come with it. Nobody has to follow me on Instagram, watch my stories or read my posts, but there are many people that would benefit and enjoy seeing what more I have to share about life and fitness.

I posted a story the other day asking my followers what content they want to see, after making an announcement that I’ll be posting more about fitness. I was overwhelmed with responses to my question, as well as general support from friends, acquaintances, and people I don’t even know. Like, people actually want to see fitness content from me. I’m still in shock, and forever will be in shock. And I’m motivated to share.

I was surprised to hear that more than a few people are interested in information for beginners. It feels silly now, but I didn’t even consider the possibility that people out there genuinely want my advice and tips on how to start. I have so much to share, and I’m really excited to share—even if just helps one person.

I’m doing this social media thing for 3 reasons. 1. I want to give back to the people around me. 2. As you can tell, I’m incredibly passionate about fitness as a lifestyle and I’d love an excuse to talk about it more. 3. This is a new challenge for me to learn how to put myself out there and not care what every person thinks.

I know that saying I want to give back seems cliché and insincere, but I genuinely mean it. I’m not a certified personal trainer or nutrition coach. I’m a regular person that struggles through these things on a daily basis. I know that I look a certain way now, so people perceive me as more credible or less relatable, but I’m the same person that used to weigh a lot more. I still have body dysmorphia. Even though I know all the science behind how to eat well, I’m not always good at following it and I WILL talk about it. I’m not going to have a magic solution for anyone, but I can be a person that listens and empathizes, at the very least. I’ll say it like a broken record, but my messages are always open to anyone who needs help or wants to talk about something—fitness, health or otherwise. That’s the point of this.

They talk about social media as building a brand. “Brand” is the technical term for it, but to me there is no brand. It’s just me, and it will always be me. Nothing about this blog changes. I don’t want to lose sight of myself.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on a series that explains everything you need to know about the gym starting from square one. I’ll probably post the videos in as reels. I’ll label them so that you can watch what’s most helpful to you. I’ll be posting more about my life inside and outside the gym, so that you can get to know me better and see how I operate. I’m always open to constructive (!!) feedback and suggestions.

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