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#10: I'm not Unique

I share the link to this blog on my social media about once every two months, which would be next to nothing if I were trying to gain a substantial readership. I don’t have that many posts on this blog, and I share my thoughts mostly for fun. When I share the link on social media, it’s impersonal. I don’t feel like I’m sharing my darkest thoughts about myself because I don’t get responses. It’s not until I share this link with someone who doesn’t have social media that I realize how personal this information is, although I would share the same information in casual conversation.

None of these struggles or thoughts are unique to me. I would never wish for anyone to think the same way as me about these issues, but I know that many people do. I’ve done my best to put my thoughts into words, but that doesn’t mean my struggles or ideas are greater than an anyone else’s. If I was unique, then I'd seem a lot crazier, so I'm glad it's not just me...

More than anything, this blog exists so that I can articulate my experiences with fitness and wellness without bothering loved ones who listen to me talk (mostly complain). I spend so much of my time at the gym or thinking about what I should eat that it’s taken over my personality. If you spent 10 hours a week cooking, you’d probably want to talk about it too. I could write these thoughts in a personal journal, but I wouldn’t have any motivation to make them coherent, and I wouldn’t see a point. I sort of feel like this writing keeps me accountable, too. Who would I be if I spent so much time writing about pushing myself in the gym and then quit pushing myself? I’m sure I’ll cringe at some point in the future, but hopefully the cringe comes with a good laugh.

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